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I offer W3C HTML website web page code compliance correction help service at $99.00 per hour. Correcting code can be mind boggling and a mind consuming practice at times. Help is only a phone call away, my phone number is 714-366-9000. Please keep in mind that corrrecting the most important error codes first will sometimes correct multiple errors.

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Why bring your website into W3C HTML code compliance ?

Bringing your web page code into compliance with W3C guidelines will help your SEO efforts. There are a couple of major reasons for this which includes the search engine spider’s ability to read your code and position of your content.

By ensuring your web site's web page code complies with W3C standards you are creating a very clean and well structured HTML document which becomes easy reading for search engine spiders. By removing excess tags and generating neat code, search engines like Google can easily determine where your content starts and ends to rank the document without confusion.

Cleaning the code also skews the content-code ratio towards the content side and brings important keywords to the top of the page �both of which can help search engine ranking.

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